SUP & Run Biathlon 浆板跑步两项竞赛

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Surfing Hainan will hold our first SUP/Run Biathlon on Saturday May 14th 2011. Competitors will first use a Stand Up Paddleboard to paddle five kilometers, and then return to the beach to the run five kilometers. The first event of it’s kind (and possibly the world), the event will take advantage of Sanya Bay’s beautiful ocean and long stretch of beach. International competitors from China, USA, Australia, and others are expected to participate. Download the entry form here。 The event press release is viewable here.



The race will be held in Sanya Bay, at the Wonder Beach Bar on Sanya Bay Road, near the airport. See the race map below. (The course was modifed on April 27th, for logistical reasons, to head west first instead of east)