On to the Run!

Matt Hammond was the first of the competitors made it back in a whopping fifty five minutes.  There have been some surprises on the return leg.  The second in was local surfer Huang Ah Wen, followed closely by Russian kiteboarder Kirill Litvinov.  In fourth is our own Brendan Sheridan, still paddling against the incessesant wind that’s been blowing all day long.  The fifth and sixth placed competitors haven’t come into view yet.

Matt Hammond是所有参赛者中的第一名总用时55分钟。在第二回合有些惊喜。第二名是本地冲浪者黄文被来自俄罗斯的Kirill跟的很近,第四名是我们的Brendan,还在跟迎面吹来的风作斗争对抗着风继续往前划,这风今天以刮了一天了。比赛的第四第五名暂时还没出现结果。