On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

The first ever Surfing Hainan Stand Up Paddle/Run Biathlon just kicked off, with our six competitors charging into the South China Sea with their SUPs for the first leg of the race.  The competition began at 3:15 PM in sunny and breezy conditions here in beautiful Sanya Bay.  The air temperature is 31 degrees celsius with a steady six knot wind coming out of the southeast.  The wind will definitely be a factor on the return leg of the stand up paddle segment.  We have plenty of volunteers with drinks and snacks on standby to help the competitors through the grueling tropical heat.


There’s plenty of excitement at the Wonder Beach Bar here in beautiful Sanya Bay. The Sanya Cricket Club is holding their weekend match adjacent to the finish line.  The Dolphin Bar has set up its portable barbeque here on the beach and we’ve thrown in free beer and a dj to keep the atmosphere mellow.  Stay tuned for more updates from the race to coming soon!  Photos of the first leg below.



Pre-competition warm up.竞赛者赛前预热


At the Wonder Beach Bar in Sanya Bay.在三亚湾奇迹酒吧


On your mark, get set, go!各就各位,预备,走!


Some small breakers to get past first…第一关越过些小浪


Matt Hammond takes an early lead in the first leg. Matt Hammond 第一回合领先第一!