The Race So Far…

Here’s the breakdown of the times so far:


Place Competitor SUP Time

Matt Hammond

2 Huang Wen 1:01
3 Kirill Litvinov 1:03
4 Brendan Sheridan 1:13
5 Jym Cotton 1:23
6 Mona Li

It looks safe to say that Matt is heavily favored to win at this point having opened up a six minute lead on the second placed competitor, Ah Wen.  At this point he can run the race at a chill pace and still finish first.  Side note: competitors that do not finish the first segment within two hours are automatically disqualified.  We are still waiting on Jym and Mona to finish.  Negate that, Jym just made it through the gate and is on to the second and final leg.  Mona is a marathon runner, so as long as she can squeak in in the next few minutes she’s still got a chance to finish strong in the run segment.  Pictures below:

在大家看来Matt是大家都期待的赢家,他现在暂时领先第二名6分钟,阿文现在还有机会赢得本次比赛,备注:本次比赛必须在两小时内完成赛事中的第一项比赛否则将取消比赛资格。我们还在等 Jym 跟Mona,不过刚刚Jym已经穿过了终点大门,暂时名次是倒数第二名。Mona是马拉松跑者,只要她能在以下的时间里快速划水回来,那么她还是有机会能赢得比赛的。以下图片来自现场:

Matt’s in first for the lead. Matt 领先第一.


Kirill’s in for third. Kirill 可能是第三


It looks like Brendan has managed to keep his hat on so far.