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Hainan Surf Lessons 海南冲浪教练

At Surfing Hainan, we have brought the joy of surfing to thousands of people since 2007. Our hands-on instruction ensures our students learn the fundamentals of surfing in a safe and fun manner, with water safety and knowledge an important part of the experience. We show you how to handle yourself and your board in the water, as well as teach you about the nature of waves and surf conditions.


While surfing is a complex sport that can take a lifetime to master, anybody with a decent level of physical fitness and determination can be sure to be standing and riding waves within the first day.


400 rmb for a two hour lesson, including surfboard and rashguard/wetsuit as needed. An additional 50 rmb to use the surfboard for the rest of the day. To book lessons, email, or call Brendan on (86) 13519800103.