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China Record – Most People on One Wave

On May 4th, 2013 in Hainan, surfers and spectators at the XSories Jalenboo Surf and Skate Contest set out to set the China record for most people riding one wave. After three attempts, the best result was fifteen people.

January Surf Video 1月冲浪视频

See the below video of some water footage shot in Riyue Bay during a few free surf sessions over the Hainan Cup. Some great surfers in the water!下面是比赛时自由冲浪拍的。有很好的冲浪高手!

Shooting the Bridge 桥洞冲浪穿越 (尤酷)

Also on youtube 2011年6月7日 大东海桥洞冲浪穿越 Shooting the bridge in Dadonghai July of 2011 Surfers 冲浪者- Darci Liu 刘丹, Julieta Hepner 朱丽叶, Jose Espinoza 黑龙, Nate Mettler 内森,  Tie Zhuang 铁桩,Brendan Sheridan 小龙, Matt Hammond and Steven Gong