Darci’s Blog New generation surfers 新一代的浪人

最近在大东海可以看到有很多的小朋友在水里在冲浪,大概都是7-10岁左右的。 以前在海里我们是新一代现在终于被取代了。其实在国外小孩冲浪是非常普遍的,只要是住在热带岛屿的小朋友们从小都开始学习冲浪,在中国因为很多人都不太了解冲浪,所以对于冲浪会有很多的疑问。 其实小朋友学习冲浪比起成年人要更容易简单,小孩子灵活性强,反应快,运动细胞好。只要他们用心学,会进步的很快,小朋友学习冲浪时最主要的是要学会在水里好好保护自己,防止被板打到。 Recently you can see alot of  kids surfing in Dadonghai. They are about from 7-10 years old.  I used to be the youngest surfer in the water, but not anymore. The kids are taking over now. Actually in  alot of foreign country so many kids learn how to surf, especially in a Read the full article…

Local Kids

These local kids come by every day and ride their snake skateboards every day in the parking lot.

Darci’s Blog Yeeeaaah 耶!!!!!!

今天天气很不错也有点浪,差不多到膝盖高。下午有两个学生学习,今天的浪很适合学习的,两个学生都学的很好,也抓了好多的浪。 晚饭后大家都在店门口玩的很开心,快乐的一天又结束了,天上的云彩也高兴的给了我们一个“耶”的手势。 The weather is very nice today also with a bit waves, about knee high. in afternoon have two students, today the waves it’s perfect to learn , the students caught a lot of waves. after dinner everybody is hang out outside of the shop, had so much fun ,  another happy day to end. look up Read the full article…

Darci’s Blog Lillo is back 利罗回来了

利罗一个意大利人本地冲浪手,也是我的好朋友。他回去意大利差不多一个月了现在刚回到三亚就来俱乐部报道。 Lilllo a Italian local sufer, also my “best friend”, just come back from his holiday. back right on time for the good swell. practise outside of the shop 在俱乐部门口练习                

Riyuewan on Friday 星期五在日月湾

Some pics from Typhoon Nock-Ten in RYW. Like a good NE swell of winter, but in the summer instead. 以下是一些图片来自台风“洛坦”在日月湾,就像冬天的东北方向浪一样,但是这是在夏天。 A Wen阿文 TZ. Check out the one behind him! James in the channel铁庄,看他后面是 James The view upon arriving  刚到达拍到的景色 The beachie doing its thing  海浪做它该做的

The Last of Nock-Ten

Nock-Ten moved pretty quickly west over Hainan, but still gave us four days of good surf.  This is the last of it, in Dadonghai, when the sun finally came out. 洛坦的行动很快就从海南的西边方向移开,但是我们还可以连续冲四天浪。这是大东海最后的一天有浪,而且太阳也终于的出来了。  

Darci’Blog “Luotan” ” 洛坦”

“洛坦”是2011年的第一个台风直接袭击到海南岛的, 这次台风是从菲律宾传过来的,是从海岛的东面开始登陆的,岛上东海岸在前两天就已经有很好的浪了,大东海从昨天下午才开始有浪的。昨天下午的浪尺寸还不错但是因为风的原因影响了浪的形状变得很乱,今天早上10中左右“洛坦”就离开了这里,所以现在没什么风了,下午退潮后浪可能变得更好。 “Luotan” the first typhoon directly hits to Hainan in 2011, The typhoon passed over from the Philippine, hits to the east of the island first, so there’s swells at east coast from two days ago, but Dadonghai only start to pick up yesterday afternoon, the waves is ok , but because the wind Read the full article…