A Haiku

Seven Shanghai kids Saw fear turn to wonderment Once they caught some waves

Waves Get Smaller, Adjust Accordingly

Julieta shows today’s student, Zhao He from China’s Xibei, the leash trick. When carrying a surfboard, it is best to pick up the slack of the leash with your hand that is holding the surfboard. If you don’t, the potential to trip over your leash is great, leaving you looking like a fool. Surfing Hainan Read the full article…

Sunday Longboard Session 星期天长板会

Super good few days here. Had a really fun late afternoon session in Dadonghai. Three photos of Matt, then three of me. 这几天浪很好!今天下午在大东海玩长板。下面有两个Matt的照片还有我的。

Book Now 预订

、 Book accommodation and surf lessons by sending us an email at info@surfinghainan.com. Please read our FAQ first. Alternatively, you can reach us during business hours (9am–6pm) at (86) 13519800103. 课程定制咨询,请发送邮件联系我们info@surfinghainan.com,请先查看我们的常见问题,工作时间联系(早上11点–晚上8点)小龙(86)13519800103.

Darci’s Blog大东海可以冲浪了Time to surf in DDH

大东海的浪已经维持了差不多有一个礼拜啦,每天都有浪,上周六是最好的浪,退潮了浪很有力不乱,而且没风抓到浪后可以走很长时间。后面的几天里每天的浪都在胸高的位置,很适合新手学习练习,以下有一些我在这周冲浪的照片。 This week we almost had a full week waves, every day had waves about chest-high. The best day was Saturday, very clean, low tide, no wind, and waves about head high. The rest of days waves were smaller, but very good for beginners to learn and practice. Below are some photos from this week. Read the full article…

Steve’s Blog – Board Repair Guide

I’m ashamed to admit that up until now I’d never done a proper board repair.  I usually just let the crack dry, stuff it up with suncure and hope for the best.  For the past few days we’ve been under Nate’s tutelage learning the basics of repairing boards with fiberglass and resin.  Hopefully this comes Read the full article…

Julieta’s Blog – Surfing Hainan May shots summary – 冲浪海南 5月的照片售

3rd June 2011年06月3日 May was a fun month, we had some good waist to chest high waves in Dadonghai, check it out: 5月很好玩,在大东海有腰到胸高的浪 , 看一下! Tie Zhuang – 铁桩 We also had our first SUP and Run Biathlon, we had a lot of sponsors supporting us, like Hainan Beer that gave us 20 boxes of Read the full article…