FAQ 常见问题解答

Where is the Riyue Bay Surf Club?
The Riyue Bay Surf Club is on Hainan’s southeast coastal town of Riyue Bay. The club is directly on the beach within walking distance to multiple surf spots.



How do I get there?
Here are directions for getting here.



When is the best time to come? What are the surf seasons?

One of the best things about Riyue Bay is that there is surf the entire year. For those who want to learn to surf, any time of year is great.

There are two main surf seasons in Hainan – the fall and winter season, which brings Northeast swells, and the summer season, which brings south swells. The fall and winter season, from November until April, offers the best surf, with the best months being November until January. During this season, northeast swells arrive at Riyue Bay, which wrap in at the left-hand point breaks and can bring world-class surf.

The south swells of summer, from May until September, bring fun surf to the Riyue Bay beach breaks. Summer is not as consistent or as big as in the winter season.

In addition to these two seasons, Hainan gets surf from an average of four or five typhoon swells. Typhoon season in the South China Sea lasts from May until November.

Check out our Riyue Bay Surf Spot page for more information.







Where can I stay?
Budget travelers can stay in our surf club hostel. Those wanting more privacy can stay at the Nanhai Beachfront Hotel (formerly the 21 hotel), a short walk from our surf club. For nearby resort options, try the Le Meridien Shimei Bay or the Sheraton in Shenzhou Peninsula. Both of these hotels can arrange taxis to bring you to the surf club.



Where can I eat?
The surf club features a Western pizza bar with an excellent selection of import beer. There are also a few other restaurants in walking distance,  fruit vendors and a few small shops in the area. There is no large supermarket in the immediate vicinity, so plan accordingly.



I want to learn how to surf. How can I book a lesson? How many lessons do I need?
We have our group lessons every day at 10 AM or 2 PM. Advance bookings work best. 95% of our students can expect to stand up and ride a few waves during their first lesson, although most students take a few lessons to get a great foundation. Guests can save money on multiple lessons by buying a package of three or six lessons.



I can’t swim. Can I still take a surf lesson?
Yes. Our beginner surf lessons are conducted in shallow water and are very safe. Our qualified instructors keep an eye on you and will be near you the entire lesson. For those who are still nervous in the water, we can provide life jackets. Anyone who wants to become an excellent surfer will need to learn how to swim, but lack of swimming won’t stop you from having some fun and successful surf lessons.



Do you rent surfboards? SUPs? Wetsuits?
Yes we have a good selection of surfboards for hire, from soft tops with safety fins for beginners, to fiberglass shortboards and performance longboards, to SUPs and paddles. Most surfers are able to find something that suits their needs. We also have wetsuits for rent when needed in the winter months.



Do you sell surfboards?
Yes. We have a good variety of new boards of all sizes for sale. Check out our shop and ask for assistance selecting a good board. We also sell leashes, deck pads, fins, wax, and other accessories.



What payments do you accept?
We currently only accept cash in Chinese Yuan, so please bring enough for your expenditures here. The closest ATM is over 10 km away.



Is Riyue Bay crowded?
While Sanya beaches can get mobbed with people, Riyue Bay never does. There are always guests around the club, but it’s only in peak holidays when it gets very busy. Riyue Bay is a very relaxing beach.



What do I need to bring?
There are no cash points in Riyue Bay and we do not currently accept plastic, so please bring enough cash for your expenditures here.
While there are multiple restaurants and vendors in Riyue Bay, there is no large supermarket, so bring any beach and travel essentials you might need.
We have surf and swimwear available for purchase if needed.
We have free wifi at the surf club, so feel free to bring your devices.






What is the weather like?
Summer can be very hot and humid. Temperatures from July to September average about 35℃/95℉ to 38℃/100℉.  Fall and spring are the most comfortable. Winter can get down to around 15℃/60℉, feeling even colder if it is windy. Full wetsuits are needed in the winter. On the coldest days, jeans and a heavy jacket are needed.



What else is there to do?
In addition to surfing, guests can rent a bike, choose a variety of hikes, rent stand up paddleboards for flat water paddles, rent a jet ski, go snorkeling, go fishing, practice beach yoga, and use our beach and volleyball and soccer courts.



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