Julieta’s Blog – Warm 13th February session!

14th February, 2011 – 2011年2月14日

After a looong week without waves the weekend swell finally arrived. I couldn’t go to surf on Saturday but I went to Riyue for a lesson on Sunday. It didn’t look very good in the morning, it was a bit choppy breaking all over the place, pretty challenging for my students. But it was very warm and we didn’t need to use wetsuits at all.

Maurizio from Italy popping up

Jason from Canada did very well standing up on the first try.

The point in the morning, not amazing but always fun.

But after lunch everything changed, suddenly the sun went out and the waves cleaned up. After more than a week of no surf, I went back home happy out feeling those lovely endorphins again.

The point in the afternoon got much better.

Mama’s shrimps and squid sun drying.

Tasty squid, eh?

Christophe sent a message today saying “beautiful waves”. That is a very positive affirmation for a french man so I suppose we are missing something.

According to the forecast for the next week the swell is gradually dropping until Saturday. But we are expecting a new swell coming from Taiwan by next Sunday and Monday.

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