Moyu’s Blog – A Special Day

This is one of the best photo from january 7th session.I’m still excited when I looking at them now.That was surely a special day in my life!

It was windy and cold ,I came to ri yue wan with my friend Justin and friends.I didn’t really want to surf ,but when I looked at my shining brand new blair surfboard.I couldn’t stop myself to give it a try. In the water.It seemed like blair board has more float then my 6’0,which helped a lot when I catch wave.On the first wave,I felt the board is really stable and fast.when I try front side turn,It end up with me slip off the board.The second wave,it just went absolute crazy,I felt that I really could do anything I want on that board.Bottom turn reached the top, little front side hack,then pump a little speed I could even do one or two more moves on wave.And on the third wave,I did this front side hack in picture above.I couldn’t believe that, the moves all came so easy. It might be related to my three week yoga lessons and my practice on the 6’0 made-in-China board.But this board does make a big big difference! Thanks fred,joe,brendan !

I feel like that I can really call myself a surfer now!And I couldn’t wait to come back after Chinese new year ,with all my health issues solved ,then focus on progressing my surfing skills. I really appreciate for all the things that Surfing Hainan did to me!Love you all!

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