August 2010 Surfing Shots Summary – •2010 年八月冲浪的照片集。

August 28th – 8 28

So yeah.. . August almost finished in a good note with a huge typhoon swell…but well, we are in China and the natural Yin and Yang law had to bring some flatness to keep the balance going.

Anyway, have a look to these surf pics taken during the month. I collected them mostly from Tie Zhuang camera.

Thanks Tie Zhuang!!!

August was mostly a mellow longboard month:


无论如何,你们看看这些照片,铁桩 拍了它们的大多数。

谢谢 铁桩!


Tie Zhuang, best Inner Mongolian surfer, looking forward to compete in Hawaii next year – 铁桩, 最好内蒙古的冲浪者。他明年要去在 Hawaii 比赛。

Qiezi, one of the few surfer girls living in Hainan – ” 茄子,生活在海南为数不多的女滑手之一

José, from Venezuela! – José, 从委内瑞拉来!

Darci! This is the Yin power going, great picture! – 刘丹! 很漂亮的照片!

Nathan’s aerial

Me on my little wave – 我玩得很开心

Nathan advices people to move to the swimming area – Nathan 劝游泳的人到游泳区去。

We also had some nice shoulder high waves too 🙂 – 大东海也有了肩高的浪

Nathan’s cut back on typhoon wave last week – 上周台风来的时候, Nathan cut back

Tie Zhuang, Oli (diver and film maker) and Dj Moyu, all happy out after a nice stormy session.

But I saved the best for the last, have a look to this video Tie Zhuang did in Xiaodong Hai reef break during the tropical storm swell last week: