Brendan’s Blog – Back in Hainan 小龙的博客-回来海南了

I spent three weeks in the the US seeing family. Lots of outdoor activities in Hilton Head, South Carolina. 我刚才回来海南了,上来的三个星期。在我父母那里很漂亮


SUP in the salt marsh 在鹽沼玩桨板


One of the dolphins that call the marsh home 鹽沼里面的海豚


Dolphin and my mom 海豚和妈妈


An alligator at the lagoon 潟湖的一个鳄鱼

Now I’m back in Hainan, back to the thrill of running Surfing Hainan! Julieta and Darci held everything together very well while I was gone. The only thing that was broken upon my return was the wooden couch outside the shop. It was long ready to die, after suffering the weather for the last few years. I still gave them a hard time for it anyway.


My old Hong Kong friend Hans finally came to visit, for some surf lessons with his girlfriend Nicole.



09.12 hans

I’ve known Hans here since the mid-nineties in Hong Kong, when he was a student at German Swiss and I was at Hong Kong International School.

我和Hans在九几年就认识了,当时他是German Swiss学院学生,而我在香港国际学院念书。


Brendan and Hans, Central District, Hong Kong, circa 1997