Finally,I’m doing my Blog again. 🙂 You may wonder,where the hell was Pablo? I just have been here and there,many places,surfed many times.Let me show you what I did in pass month.


In April,I have been to BALI with TZ from a 7 day surf trip,just went there and see how the real surfing paradise is like .It was amazing! I love to live in the small town in central Kuta with small roads,people drive motorbikes with different style of helmets and surfboards,and so many surf shops with nice surfboards. Photos……..


First day ,we surfed at Padma beach ,these kids showed up and tell me that they are Hurley sponsored surfers.Look,how cool they are!


nice surfshop,漂亮的冲浪店

Nice boat passing by the spot that we surfed for 4 days(serange)This spot is popular for tourists,It has man made reef bottom(actually is stone bottom) The kid on the lip of the wave is probably the best surfer under 13 in Bali.He does crazy airs and big turns. I was I started surfing when I was 5,then I could become someone like him.我们在这个浪点冲了四天的浪,叫塞郎啊,一艘很漂亮的船正在经过。

You know him? Yes ,This is Luke Davis,I surfed with him at canggu.His is a nice guy with few words.But he said “are there surfers in China?Never heard about it,and you guys surf not bad!”He came with some REEF guys,include Paul Fisher,the funnest surfer in the world. Paul is just crazy.HAHA You might be able to see me in his Fishtales TV.知道这是谁么?卢克,戴维斯,世界青年冠军,我和他在“长鼓”冲浪了。他人很和蔼,唯一说的几句话就是“中国有人会冲浪?从来没听过,不过你冲浪的不差!”我很开心能得到他的赞扬!

Luke’s air 360.Crazy !

TZ paddling out to the double over head waves at canggu.This is actually the smaller spot.The main point was over 12 ft.TZ has balls!


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