Beach Clean Up! 沙滩清洁!

Earlier this morning we were sitting in Surfing Hainan expecting a group of about 40 to 50 volunteers to trickle in for today’s beach clean up.  About half an hour before we were scheduled to leave, a torrent of excited volunteers came crowding into the shop, eager to help out the cause.  We ended up with a total count of 65, which left the bus seats overflowing and caused the drivers some anxiety.  Luckily we had two drivers volunteer their cars to ease the numbers on the bus, and off we went to Riyuewan to commence our beach clean up.  The volunteers toiled under a hot sun, picking up everything from plastic bags to cigarette cartons to old shoes abandoned on the beach.  In total we removed about 250 kilos of garbage from the beach. We certainly made an impact with the clean up but the sheer volume of garbage served as a reminder that the beach needs our continuous commitment to help keep it clean.


In removing plastic and other harmful garbage from the beach we hope to keep the ocean clean for all those who enjoy it and the organisms that depend on it.  Riyuewan is a treasured resource for many of us in Hainan and we hope to protect its fragile beauty for future generations to enjoy.  Thank you to all our volunteers and sponsors for making this event possible.



今天早晨我期望四十到五十个志愿者来参加今天的沙清洁。我始准走去沙候突然有很多志愿者来到冲浪店全部都是很参加个事件。后来我一共有六十五个人那个巴士师傅得很紧张巴士的容量只有50位。好在有个志愿者自己的车带多余得人到日月湾。志愿者在挺热的天气里工作,拾起各重东西:胶袋,香烟纸盒,老的鞋子,等等。我们一共清洁了大约250公斤垃圾!今天的清洁肯定提高沙滩的环境, 而且垃圾的大量使我们记得日月湾总是需要我们保护。






Excellent turnout at this year’s beach clean up.  Thank you to all our volunteers and sponsors.




Getting ready to leave for the beach.




Notice the plastic chairs being brought back to accomodate the overflow.




The impact of the clean up was noticeable within the first hour.




Brave volunteers tackling an especially dirty corner of the beach.




Gettin’ dirty, that’s the attitude.




Troy dragging a large haul of trash up the beach.