Curious moments in Hainan

September 24th – 9 24

Hainan has changed a lot since the last time I came here 5 years ago. I definitely felt the massive and unsustainable economical “development” that China is passing through. Like it or not this “progress” is making part of today china’s culture and you can’t escape it. If you are planning to come over here it will be inevitable, sometimes you might hate it, but most of the times it will be part of the fun and part of the stories to tell back home.

But Hainan still being more than a tourist resort beach, It’s up to you to catch the genuine essence of this Island.

Every week I will try to share with you those curious moments I caught with my camera over my time here.

Here you have the first one I took while I was wondering around Houhai River on the east coast:

If there is one thing I have no doubt about Chinese people is how generous they are.