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Surfing Hainan’s Friends are all over the world, in the same time Surfing Hainan’s gear is also all over the place. When I was in the Phillippines I saw many friends were wearing our Surfing Hainan t-shirt, they always bring surfing Hainan’s clothes with them travel to different country, they all like our style, when someone ask they will tell them this is from surfing Hainan a surf shop in China.

Thanks all of you to supporting us, have more option for you, surfing Hainan next week have new shipment ,this time we will have more option for ladies.


冲浪海南的好朋友 Surfing Hainan’ good friend Andrew


好朋友Good friend Sachie


刘丹 Darci Liu


马特(浆板&跑步两项竞赛冠军)Matt Hammond (SUP&Run Biathlon Champion)