Steven’s Blog – December 13, 2010 12月13日

I was browsing for surf news from my hometown of San Francisco and found this company website:  This is interesting– here’s a company that started off doing surf movies and has branched out into selling t-shirts and bags, and also keeps a team of local surfriders on deck.  I also found a myspace page for a local surf gang from San Francisco that describes itself thus:

legendary group of surfers,skaters,bikers,gangstas,hustlers,pimps and players old and young. Weve been running Kellys Cove at ocean beach San Francisco for decades. We consist of local talent who have grown up in san francisco and a select few who have earned a hall pass…… basically spending every second of free time at kellys and spreading our vibe around occasionally! ..

Wow, sounds intimidating.  Most people in San Francisco aren’t even tempted to spend their free time at the beach on account of the frigid water, rip currents, and perrenial foggy weather.  I didn’t know there was beef over the local spots, but then again I grew up playing soccer.  I guess the same city that harbors a Hells Angels chapter can have its own group of surf nazis.  Luckily for us at Surfing Hainan, we have our own gangster bossman to settle scores with rival cliques.



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