Steven’s Blog- That’s What’s SUP

A couple of months ago I was sitting at our local bar eating a burger and listening to Christian Ras from Spain’s Gravity Cartel Surf Shop tell me all about the virtues of surfing SUP.  Christian is a jack of all trades in boardsports.  He’s as natural and stylish on an SUP as he is on a shortboard or kiteboard.  I could see Christian’s eyes light up as he spoke adamently about the benefits of SUP and its bright future in the surfing world.  I was surprised that someone with such a well-rounded boardsport repertoire would advocate one particular form of surfing as enthusiastically as he did.  After hearing Christian’s sermon I knew that I wanted to try it for myself.

We’ve had mixed weather recently with a couple days of unusually cold weather that was followed by bright hot sunny days.  The waves have been small to moderate in size, staying in about the waist to chest high zone for on better sets for the past couple of weeks.  Knowing that the waves would be small ahead of time, I’ve been bringing an SUP up to Riyuewan to take advantage of the board’s size for easy take-offs and smooth turns on small waves.  For anyone who’s ever been curious about trying SUP for themselves, I highly recommend renting one of our boards for a day trip up the coast.  The pros and cons of SUP aside, the bottom line is that it’s hella fun.



First you paddle out (what’s up, Marten)…



…then you try and catch a wave without disrespecting your neighbors…



…then you go…



…and do a Planet of the Apes pose…



…and then you do it again!



And do it, and do it, and do it again.


So a short story long, surfing an SUP is good for you and good to you.  Remember to check out our breakfast paddle option for a day of SUP, cappucinos, danishes, pancakes and more.