Julieta’s Blog – Discovering new surf spots in Hainan – 新发现的冲浪的地方在海南。

22nd January, 2011 – 2011年 1月 22日

We had an amazing 4m swell coming last week, Brendan call me on Tuesday and offer me a lift to the east coast so I decided to spend my days off up there and some more time with Joe before he head back to the US. There are so many breaks undiscovered in this island so when these big swells get to Hainan is perfect timing to explore the coast looking for new spots that wouldn’t work with smaller waves.  Joe was very excited about his last session in a beach at around 20 minutes north from Riyuewan so he ask me if I would like to check it out with him. The point looked good but I couldn’t say no to a new spot plus western style lunch with a lot of cheese and homemade bread at a 5 star hotel in Shimeibay (after 7 month in China it is easy to miss some western food).

上周有4米的浪!周二小龙请我去日月湾跟Joe 玩。这样我决定在妈妈饭店住到周三。在海南岛没发现的冲浪地方有很多。浪高的时候就是最好的时间去找新的冲浪的地方。Joe 请我,啊文和豆腐跟他一起往北走20分钟就可以冲浪那个地方了和在案美酒电车西餐。 我无法拒绝这一切。

Even if Christophe always complains about Joe dropping in his waves he joined us and helped us to setup the boards on Ah wen’s new car.

Ah Wen, where did you found that car?

Joe insisted to stop over a hill to look at the scenery, I couldn’t believe what I had in front my eyes:

Joe 坚持在山上停一下看风景, 我无法相信眼前的一切:

Just perfect clean empty lines

I get very excited each time I try a new spot, specially when the waves are over head and you have to paddle out at least 300m to reach the point break, that’s a loong paddle but It’s also a very loong ride too.

This way Joe show me his favourite way to spend the day in Hainan. It was great, we had a tasty meal afterwards I order a creamy Smoked Salmon Linguine with some big pieces of Parmesan on top, it just couldn’t been better.

We end up hanging around the hotel and playing at the fitness center as if we had never seen a gym before:

Christophe stretches wearing his usual Indonesian dress.

The forecast is looking pretty good from Tuesday on with a 3m swell, not very windy and pretty warm sunny weather. Contact us for more information on surf lessons and trips to the east coast.

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