Duke’s story

Stickers all over the world!
Duke traveled to Qin dynasty to meet with Qin warriors at Terra cotta army.杜克穿梭至秦朝,拜访秦朝勇士们。就在秦始皇兵马俑。
before he left,he left the mark right in the entrance of the 8th wonder of world-terra cotta warriors
Duke’s skin color fits the design of China telecom.杜克的肤色跟中国电信的设计颜色很配
Moyu as the best friend of Duke,pulled off a nice floater at 3.11 ri yue session.you can see the sticker very clear.This pic made boss happy!漠雨作为杜克的好朋友在3.11的浪中完成了这个浪尖停留的动作,你可以很清楚的看见板尖的贴纸。这张照片让老板感到很开心!
Moyu had a nice session at ri yue 3.11. Wanna see more pics? starring at this blog 🙂