Feel grateful 感激

I like to laugh, because I always feel happy, I think  i’m very fortunate .  always have had good fortune, good friends and a good family. In China it’s not every girl that knows how to swim, but I was lucky enough to live in the tropical island, and became to a surfer girl.  People spend money to come here, but I live here i can enjoy the beach and sunshine everyday. I love the nature, when i get close to nature i absorb a lot of positive energy. so that’s why i chose a job that i can absorb positive energy everyday.

Next month I will participate in the Swatch Girls  Pro China in 26th to 30th October 2011 as a Local Wildcard , Really appreciate ASP give me this chance, I can surf with all the best long board girls . I can’t wait !  also this will be a very good chance to tell the world there is surf in CHINA !!!!  I will try my best to have fun !!!!

(I surfed today so that’s why have a lot of prositive energy now;-) below is some photo from today .