Julieta’s Blog – Friday 14th surf session

17th January, 2011

Last Friday some of the local surfing gang got together again; Moyu, Tie Zhuang, Darci, Matt, Peter, myself and two guests (Andy and Jimmy) head up to the east coast on a full van. It has been long time since the last surf together. The waves were really good fun!

Moyu got some nice pictures, have a look:

Off shore winds at the beach break.

Tie Zhuang got a new board all the way from Oz.

And there he is trying it out at the beach break.

After a short board session Tie Zhuang joined us with a longboard at the point.

Andy riding the point

That guy looks like Jimmy

And then everybody came back for food!


Joe with his 7′ wired short longboard, a monster boat that catches everything. As Joe would say:”That board will make your big old ass float”

Matt looks a bit cold

Since Joe Blair has arrived Mamma’s looks like a board repairing workshop. He know everything about it and I’m taking advantage of that to learn all the tricks.

Christophe’s new board got damaged at the point by someone dropping in his wave. Luckily Dr. Blair was there.

Joe telling one of his “happy ending” stories while he waits for the resin to dry.

He also repaired a 7′ Virgin Island that he shaped a while ago for us. Everybody in Surfing Hainan loves that board. All his boards are made of EPS foam, a material that doesn’t suck water in. But if you have to repair it, don’t do as we did and remember to use epoxy resin as the polyester one would damage the foam.

That’s all for now. The forecast for the whole next week looks unreal with a consistent 3 to 4m swell, don’t miss it and come for a surf trip with us!!

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