Front Side Hack!

The day before yesterday,we have got some over head glassy waves came through.It just meant to be a great day for all of us,especially for me and Darci.Darci has caught the biggest wave in her life,which was about one and half her size.and I have made the best front side hack since i started surfing.I saw my back foot was on the pad pushing the edge of the board,and following by a half meter radius semicircle wave spray.then my body lean back on the wave,finished the move.(I wish you could understand what i mean 🙂 ) Tie Zhuang was just paddling back,and he suprisingly witnessed it.  Yesterday, I kept on trying the same move,and I feel like I really know how to do it now. so after the Floater ,I got a new move!  Super stoke! I will try to get a photo of me doing the hack soon!