Moyu’s Blog – Houhai Surf 漠雨的博客-后海冲浪

I missed surfing a lot. Since there were no waves in DDH,we decided to go to Houhai to find some waves. It was sunny day,about waist high waves,bit messy but fun. Cake took all the photos for me and I did some pretty good video for TZ. My new PENTAX X90 camera didn’t work as I wished,so I ll put more money on buying a CANNON 500D ,then I ll be able to use TZ’s 75mm-500mm telephoto lens. I was really happy to surf on my board again, and I could still make top turns!  🙂



I love the O’neill hyperfreak bordies! 我超喜欢O’NEILL的HYPERFREAK冲浪裤

small wave top turn 小浪尖甩

TZ 铁哥

da hai showed up ,took this one for me 大海哥出现了,帮我照了这张