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跟我的好朋友SACHIETIM 约好了一起在菲律宾碰面。还有一对夫妇我们的好朋友Andrew KEIKO 大家每天一起去冲浪。在我们住的地方附近有好几个浪点,但是所有的浪都是礁石的没有沙滩。所以几乎每个浪点都很危险,如果是不会冲浪的人一定不要尝试。 一直都在三亚冲沙滩浪,还好有在日月湾经常冲珊瑚底的浪所以我在菲律宾的时候会懂的一点怎样在珊瑚区冲浪。


Hi everybody I’m back from my holiday, matt and I went to the Philippines for 10 days, had so much fun out there . we met our friends there, Sachie, Tim ,Andrew, Keiko. We stay right on the beach , the ocean in the philippines is so beautiful and clean you can always see the fish swimming below. local kids use their surfboards to paddle around and catch fish.

We also have our own boat, so we can everyday drive out to different place to surf. The waves there are very good but much different than in Sanya.Most all the surf spots have reefs where the waves break and the water is very shallow, so actually it’s very dangerous. If you don’t know how to surf than this is not the place to start.

Cloud 9 a very famous surf spot , many good surfers surf here. For me only to watch . waves in cloud 9 are very fast and water super shallow. But almost every wave are perfect pipeline.

I meet a local surfer girl people tell me she is the best female surfer on this island. She have a one baby girl and now she is 4 month pregnant again. But shock me is she still surf when she is 4month pregnant. She tell me , it’s ok you can surf when you pregnant when I have my first baby I also surf all the time. The other local surfer tell me she never take the small wave, everytime she wait to the perfect big wave and take that one ride for longtime. I think her story it’s amazing, special for girls . I hope her story can encourage more girls . don’t be fear, surf it’s safe! You just need to have courage!!!!!

Below is some picture from Philippines


The Hammonds


Cloud 9


cloud 9


surfer girl idol