Julieta’s Blog – Back in Hainan! – 我回海南了!

April 22nd, 2011年04月22日

Hola everybody! I’m back from some nice holidays!

Looks like last week I missed the first south swell of the year. I can’t wait for some summer waves at Dadonghai, just around the corner from the shop. Moyu sent me some old pictures he randomly found on a photo contest in a Chinese website of me surfing tiny waves in Dadonghai. When you like surfing everything becomes surfable. Check them out:


上周我错过了今年第一次南方向来的浪。我等不及夏天大东海夏天来浪的时候了。 莫雨给我发了一些夏天的时候我在大东海冲小浪的照片, 他在一个照片比赛的网站上随便找到的。 当你爱冲浪的时候每种浪都可以冲。看一下:

juli short oct

My old pumping position

October photo2

Five what? – 五个什么?


I wanna fly! – 我要飞!

I went on holidays to Denmark to visit Martin. I had a great time up there, I almost went surfing into the cold Nordic Sea but the wind was too strong and the messy waves didn’t inspire me to get in a winter wetsuit, I knew I would be back to the warm water soon.



Martin, my Danish host, came visit and surf at Riyuewan with us last December.

Martin,我在丹麦招待我的人,去年12 月他在海南来了看我们和跟我们去日月湾冲浪。

Looks like there is a learners friendly east swell for the whole week so come up for some surf lessons. We are also doing some nice tours on our SUPs to the bays near by Dadonghai.

Contact us for more information on surf lessons, SUP sessions and trips to the east coast.

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