Julieta’s Blog – Surf Party! – 冲浪的派对!

25th April, 2011年04月25日

Sanya welcomed me back with a surf party right outside the shop.The summer has definitely started and it is nice to be back, everyone went out and we all had a great night together. And here you can see the proves:

三亚迎接我回来在俱乐部门口开了一个派对,夏天到了,而且很高兴回到这里,所有人都出来了大家在一起都玩得很高兴。 在这里看下:

shot gun

We had some drinks – 我们喝了些酒

DJ laoban 2

Dj Laoban, Brendan, play some good Dubstep for us – DJ老板,小龙,给我们放Dubstep

block party

Dj Moyu play some good music too – DJ莫雨也放了很好的音乐

skate park at the party

Some local skaters showing off at the new mini skate park – 本地的滑板手在小的U池上秀技巧

riyuewan ppl in the party

Even our friends from Riyuewan came by for some fun – 日月湾的朋友也来跟我们一起玩

DJ laoban

Dj Laoban – DJ老板

concert at party

A local rock band played too – 本地摇滚乐队

Our British friend Jon came all the way from Haikou to have a laugh with us, there he is showing his dancing skills –

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