Julieta’s Blog – SUP is getting popular – 越来越多人喜欢玩桨板。

5th May 2011年05月05日

Stand up paddleboards are getting more and more popular here in Dadonghai. This week we made SUP tours almost everyday and sometimes twice a day.  It is a good experience; while you learn a new sport you also get to explore new beautiful beaches and reefs in the Island. Some of our guests who have tried it were pretty surprised about how far out in the sea they can get, it can be pretty challenging and for sure it is a very good way to exercise.

Last Sunday morning we went for an SUP 3km tour with four very nice guests: Craig, Joel and Amanda from US and Zhang from China. Joel made some lovely photos, have a look:


上星期天早上我们跟四个客人一起去玩桨板,我们游览了3 公里;有美国的CraigJoel and Amanda 中国的张。Joel拍很好看的照片, 这面看一下:

We met at 10am in the shop and got ready while Craig finished his beer for breakfast. After giving an SUP introductory lesson we got into the water. Everybody got to stand up and kept on paddling all the way to the Mandarin Oriental beach were we had a look at the coral reef and had a rest.

早上10点钟我们在冲浪俱乐部会见,我们正准备桨板课程,趁Craig 喝完他的啤酒。桨板课以后大家在板上站起来一直滑到文华东方 酒店的沙滩,在那里我们看一看珊瑚然后休息一下。

and Amanda from US and Che

Amanda, me and steve

Amanda on her SUP and Steve and me on our longboards having a rest – Amanda坐在桨板上,江浩恩和我在长板上休息。

peace SUP2

Boards parking area at the Mandarin Oriental beach with a nice Dadonghai bay view –


As soon as we parked our boards on the sand Craig run after the bar and offered beers to everybody. We had a good laugh at the beach while Zhang went for a swim to have look at the reef with his googols.


group beer

Steve, Zhang, Amanda, Craig, Joel and me chilling with some beers – 江浩恩,张, Amanda, Craig, Joel 和我喝啤酒的同时大家也在休息。

broken paddle

One of the paddles broke, luckily even if I went out on a longboard I had an extra paddle so we could switch. Paddle with the broken one wasn’t that bad –


chinese sun proteccion

In Hainan the sun is extremely strong so if you ever come here bring at least 50 protection factor sunscreen otherwise you can do like these guys

海南的太阳很强烈,所以如果你们来海南你需要50倍的防晒霜, 否则你们可以像他们一样做。

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