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March 21th, 2011年03月21日

On the 8th of this month it was Women’s Day so I collected some pictures of our local female surfers and uploaded just now (a bit late). Local surfers in Hainan don’t even arrive to twenty people in total. Just four are girls and only two of those girls are from China.

这个月的8号是妇女节,所以我收集了一些海南本地冲浪者的照片。 本地的冲浪者在海南一共差不多20人,四位是女冲浪者而且只有两位是来自中国的。

darsi paddle

Darci “six eggs” Liu from Hu Bei, China – 刘丹来自湖北省。


Darci surfing during the 2010 SH Open – 刘丹在2010冲浪海南比赛时候的冲浪

03_07 sarajump

Sarah, from Germany! She is the only persistent female short boarder here (I don’t have any picture of her surfing though). Sadly she is leaving Hainan soon

Sarah 从德国来的在海口住。 她在海南是唯一坚持短板的女冲浪者(但是没有她冲浪的照片)。 可惜的是她不久会离开海南。sara skate

Sarah skating at Mamma’s – Sarah 在妈妈饭店玩滑板。

qiezi 2

Qiezi from Guangxi, China – 茄子从广西省来的。


Qiezi surfing at Dadonghai last summer – 茄子去年夏天在大东海冲浪。

movement pic

Julieta “Me” Hepner from Argentina, she is class!Tongue out (Photo by Stefan Bahn)

朱丽“我”从阿根廷来的, 她很厉害!;)

small wave dadonghai

Me at Dadonghai last summer (Photo by TieZhuang) – 我去年夏天在大东海冲浪。


Luo Jie, wild surfer working sometimes for us, some people say that we look like sisters


Last year we also got some frequent visitors that have contributed to the tiny history of female surfers in Hainan.



Chelsea from the Virgin Islands. She teaches English in Hunan and participated in the 2010 Surfing Hainan Open

Chelsea来自美国的。 她在湖南省教英文在2010冲浪海南开赛参加比赛。


Dina from Germany. We have taught her surfing last summer in Dadonghai. We had a great time together and she promised to come back at some stage. We are still waiting though…

Dina 来自德国的. 去年夏天在大东海我们教她冲浪。我们一起很好玩,她保证她会回来,但是我们还等她…

Darci and me became very good friends, surf buddies and, recently, work mates too. Here there are some pictures of us spending some time together.


darci and me wth dogs

Darci with Honey and me with Gourou at the shop. It looks like the dogs are reflecting our moods on that day.

刘丹,Honey, 狗肉和我在冲浪海南。这些狗跟我们的心情很相似。

03_09 me and darci

At a secret spot around Riyue, having a chat and enjoying the sea breeze – 我们在秘密的冲浪地聊着天和享受着海的微风

sincronise SUP

Practicing some synchronize SUP – 我们在大东海花式浆板。


Getting some exercise on a flat day – 当没有浪的时候我们在大东海锻炼。

walking to SUP

Don’t mess with us (Photo by 老板) – 别惹我们

We are having an other pretty good 3m swell coming on Wednesday that might last for a week and hopefully it won’t be very windy.

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