Julieta’s Blog – Hainan life shots – 海南生活的照片

Time is flying, it’s been more than a year living in Hainan, and It’s been wonderful. I met lovely people that became very good friends and got spoiled by the island‘s laid-back atmosphere and tropical weather.

So here there are some of the most enjoyable things about living in a tropical island like Hainan:

Fruits are one of the nicest things about living in a tropical island. There is so much variety, you can see papaya and mango trees, bananos and of course coconut palms growing everywhere.



06.17 mango ladies sleeping

Every morning this ladies come all the way from the countryside carrying this heavy baskets full of fruit. After lunch a lot of them pass out some steps outside our shop. They are hard workers but very cheeky, they might try to rip you off.

每天早上,这位女士从农村来到大东海携带着这种很重的水果篮子。每天午餐后,他们睡觉在冲浪俱乐部的近地。他们工作的很努力, 但是他们也很厚脸皮 。

06.17 mangos

Hainan’s gold  – 海南的黄金


Papaya trees on the way to my house – 木瓜树在我家的近地。


My addiction! – 我的瘾!

old chinese coconut opener

Women in Hainan have always a machete in their bag – 在海南妇女始终有在他们的袋子一个砍刀。

Chill out atmosphere, nice people. Hainan is known for being one of  the most laid-back spots in the whole country. In comparison to other areas in China, Hainan residents takes life in a pretty easy going way, they might have a lot of problems but usually won’t easily stress out.

放松的气氛,酷人。 海南是著名的在全国的最悠闲的地方之一。


Sunset from my roof – 从我的屋顶的夕阳

06.17 sleepy beuty

Sleepy beauty (click nap shots) 美丽(点击午睡的照片)


Fisherman’s place –

Seafood in Hainan is alive witch means Fresh and tasty.

06.17 puffphish

Have you ever feel like this fish before? –

Surf is part of very few people’s life style in this island. You should hurry up to check it out before it will be to late and crowded. Check out some pictures of  Hainan’s surfers:

06.27 Juli2640

Late afternoon session at Dadonghai –

aussi guy

Some Aussies are coming here pretty often –


Ah Feng, 16 years old Hainanese surfer –

06.26 juli640

Blue –

running out

Californian longboarders (Matt and Brendan) –


Off shore wind –

gourou foot prints

Mr G –


Two generations on the same wave (Dahai and Moyu) –

mini chouge

The new surf Chinese generation (Qiuchuo – 7 years old kid from Chengdu) –

06.17 jose daddy cool

Daddy cool  (Serena and her dad José from Venezuela) –

girls getting ready

Surfer girls –

03_06 back from point

Point break –

TZ turn

Tie Zhuang on his new Santa Cruz Fish –

03_17 mike and christophe ghost hotel

Christophe, Mike, Franky and Alex

03_25 mike bb

Winter –

06.09 lillo

Lillo from Italy

03_06 laolai,crhistophe at mamma's

Japan, France and Hainan surf buddies  –

06.19 glass off darci

Darci’s glass off

06.12 Laolai

Laolai’s personal session –

Have a look also to this funny menu. Never trust google translate.

06.17 funny menu

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Photos, translation and text by Julieta Hepner