Julieta’s Blog – Happy Chinese New Year! – 新年快乐!

4th February, 2011 – 2011年2 月4日

January gave us so many good waves and ended very well with a lovely 3.5m swell which I missed because I got an annoying flu. February instead, just to keep the yin&yang balance going, started pretty small with some longboard waves. So if you want to get a surf lesson this are perfect conditions for it.

Andreas, all the way from Sweden learning surfing with Surfing Hainan.

But the highlight of last week was the Chinese New Year!

In China, according to the lunar calendar, the new year of the Rabbit began on the 2nd February. Chinese celebrate their New Year for two weeks. The day before New Year’s Eve they light up fires and burn fake money as a donation to their relatives that have died. The Ancestor Cult still has a pretty strong place in contemporary Chinese culture; it is believed that dead relatives protect their families. On the last day of the year every family gets together; if you are married usually you should spend this day with your husband’s family. The celebration consists mainly on eating together, a lot! Before every meal firecrackers are lighted at the entrance of every house to scare away the bad spirits and wild beasts, even before breakfast at 6am.

Dahai, a local surfer from Harbin northeast China, was very nice and invite me and a couple of friends to celebrate together at his house.

He lives in a lovely place that faces Houhai Bay.

We lighted some firecrackers and had lovely seafood for lunch.

We also followed the tradition from his hometown: before midnight we all made our own dumplings and ate them at 12 o’clock under the fireworks lights. For what I understood it is believed that Spring Festival dumplings are filled with hope for the new year coming. So we made and ate a loooot of them, they were so tasty.

Dahai making jiaozi with an Ancestor Alter in the background


More jiaozi!

Happy Chinese New Year!


The surf forecast for the next week looks pretty small until next Saturday and Sunday. Looks that by then a 2.5 to 2.7m swell is waiting for us. Lets get fingers cross for it. Contact us for more information on surf lessons and trips to the east coast.

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