Julieta’s Blog – Last week shots summary – 上星期的照片售

19th February, 2011 – 2011年2月19日

Although Christophe just told me that Monday and Tuesday there were amazing clean and steep waves full of power, from Wednesday we had a very wired swell, pretty choppy and messy, didn’t look Hainan at all when I went there . But the good new is that we finally leaved those 15°C cold days and is getting warmer and warmer, we are not using wetsuits anymore and we are having some sunny sessions again, specially in the afternoon.

Have a look to some pictures I got from last week:

On Wednesday we had some really nice guests from Paris that tried out surfing for the first time with us: Yoram, Olivier, Yoham and Hadrien.

Olivier fait le surf au Hainan!

We had a lovely sunny afternoon, so after surfing we relaxed and sunbathe a bit at Mamma’s.

Jeremy came back from the cold North East of China for the last few months of winter swell and for some sunshine heating. There he is relaxing on the boat.

Jeremy with his new 8′ Surfing Hainan longboard.

Steve going for a SUP session to the point.

Spicy LaJiao (辣椒) sun drying.  This is one of the most common spices you can find at restaurants in China, finely chopped hot peppers in oil. I learn to love it and I’m always adding more and more in the food. It is pretty addictive and if you look some locals they just go mad for it.

The forecast for next week doesn’t look very exciting but still being some good waves for learning or for a longboard session. Otherwise just go for nice SUP session like we did on the Sanya River. We saw a lot of tiny fish jumping around our boards, it was pretty amazing to see some life coming from that filty water.

Christophe, Steve and me SUPing around the harbord in Sanya River.

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