Julieta’s Blog – Summer season waves in Hainan – 夏天的浪在海南岛

From May to September the swell gets to Hainan mostly from the south, that’s why during the summer Dadonghai Bay becomes the most popular surf spot in the island – even if it isn’t the only break working.

因为从5月至9月浪涛在海南大多从南边来到,所以在这个岛,大东海湾成为夏天时的最流行的冲浪地方 – 即使还有浪在别的湾。

Waves during the summer are not as consistent as during the winter but we definitely have some fun sessions. You should expect easy mellow waves from knee to shoulders high, perfect for learning and improving.


Although at low tide it can get steep and high enough to have fun on a shortboard, pack a longboard and/or a fish. Otherwise, avoid travel hazards and rent a board at our shop, we have a wide choice of longboards, fish and shortboards.


Anyway, if you are wondering about Hainan’s summer surf conditions, simply check the photos below that I’ve been taken during this last summer 2011 – they might keep your imagination a bit more realistic:

然而,要是你们想知道关于海南夏天的冲浪的条件,看下面我拍的一些这个夏天照片- 它们会表示比较切实的光景:

Late June was pretty good, after few weeks of flat days and knee high waves, a Typhoon in Taiwan sent some waist to shoulder high waves to us, check them out:

06.26 BandM

Brendan and Matt’s longboard session

06.26 MOYU

DJ Moyu


Aussies are finding Hainan interesting.

06.26 coalition

Tiezhuang from Inner Mongolia and Moyu from Xi’an, best Chinese young surfers in Hainan and probably in whole China.

06.25 MIKE (2)

Master Mike, from Florida

Except when a typhoon heats the Island or it’s surroundings summer waves are usually small. According to my experience during the last two summers here, we usually get at least three big typhoon sessions during the summer with some head and over head high waves. On the last week of July we had one of those sessions, below the photos of it:

07.30 typhoon wave (2)

07.30 typhoon wave

After the bigger stormy days, the swell keeps on going for a while. That is how a sunny and extremely hot August started, check it out:

7.31 day after typhoon long wave

Before a typhoon gets to the Island the swimming area buoys are taken off from the sea. I love that as finally the waves become one long line with out limits to the ride.





Laolai, the only local longboarder from Japan


Paul, from Australia, he moved to work to Sanya one year ago and he is learning to surf with us. A lot of residents in Hainan have joined the local surfing crowd this summer.

Late August and September is usually not a good time in the year for surfing, it’s commonly very flat or extremely small. September 2011 though had surprised me a lot as we got two different swells that lasted for several days: a swell originated by a tropical storm heading straight to Hainan from the very south-west of the continent and the very first north-east swell of the year that we are enjoying now.


Darci’s party wave!




Our surfed-out students from Russia and Ukraine


Jan from Germany, he moved from Nanjing to Sanya last winter with the only purpose of surfing


Paul Jackson from Australia


Sanya’s best percussionist Luca, from Italy


Lillo, the best and most popular Italian surfer and juggler in Hainan


Matt catching the last lines of the swell


Justin from Inner Mongolia

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Text, photos and translation by Julieta Hepner.