Julieta’s Blog – Swatch Girls Pro at Riyuewan

Riyuewan hosted some of the best pro longboarders in the world to define the winner of the ASP 2011 Women’s World Longboard Title, the first ever official surf competition in China.

Local surfers participated at the event too; Darci Liu had got a wildcard to represent China. She did a great performance but had got defeated by double world champion Jennifer Smith on the first round. Monica Guo participated at the trials and compete with two of the best Taiwanese female pro surfers, Bay Bay and Wen Ling Chou. Wen Ling won the heat but had got eliminated on the first round by Lindsay Steinriede, who later became the 2011 women’s lonboard world champion.

Click here to watch some videos about it.

Most of local surfers got a job during the event; I coordinate the surf lessons for  the media and worked at the registration desk hosting the VIP.

Of course this event had positives and negatives repercussions. Have been part of such an important episode in the history of surfing in China was, of course, a very interesting personal experience.  Eventhough Riyuewan is not the same authentic cosy spot anymore. Hopefully the development of the surfing industry in China will be controlled in some way to protect the small local businesses and the environment.

It is said that the ISA is also planning a surf contest by January in the same spot. Hopefully a men’s one.

Have a look at some pictures of the event.  Girls crowd in South China Sea:



Quiet morning


Rosie Locke getting into the Hainan trend




Unusual crowded wave at Ruyuewan beach break






Thank you and come again

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Photos and text by Julieta Hepner