Julieta’s Blog – Weekly shots summary: Surfed out last week – 上星期的照片售

March 11th, 2011年3月11日

Last week didn’t lack for waves at all. We had two lovely chest-high swells, one a bit windy and choppy and an other one pretty clean and warm with no wind at all. Check out some of the pics I got from last week:

上星期有胸高浪非常好玩。 你们看一下上星期的冲浪照片:

03_06 me taking off bbreak

March 7th  – Me at Riyue beach break (Photo by Stefan Bahn)

3月7日– 我在日月湾冲浪。

03_06 point2

March 6th – Ah Wen longboarding at the point.

3月6日– 啊文在日月湾长板的冲浪。

03_06 point1

March 6th – Texas Jeremy and German Sarah at the point.


03_06 point4

March 6th – Jeremy

03_06 me at point

March 6th – Me at the point (Photo by Stefan Bahn)

3月6日– 我在日月湾冲浪。

03_10 moyu turn

March 10th – Moyu back to action at Riyue beach break. Nice one Moyu! (Photo by Julieta Hepner)

3月10日– 漠雨回来日月湾冲浪。漠雨!你很厉害!

I remember my first months surfing and my first board. I had a 7’6 indestructible Bic Longboard, perfect for beginners. I remember complaining all the time about its size and weight. It was difficult for me to handle such a massive monster, fighting against the waves to finally get to the line up, only to just wipe out and end up riding the white water near the shore. Surprisingly, after nine months surfing in Hainan,  one of my favourite boards now is 9’1 long. I love the longboard style. Now I look at my old 7’6 and it looks so small! I’m pretty happy with my longboard improvement, I feel that I finally have a decent control of the board and that I can focus more on reading the wave and follow it better. On the other hand I haven’t gotten to learn any shortboard at all. Longboarding too much makes you lazy.

03_07 cross step

March 6th – Me trying out the cross step. (Photo by Stefan Bahn)

3月6日– 我在试在板走一走。

We are all looking forward to a 3.7m swell predicted for next Wednesday. It might last for at least 3 or 4 days, so lets cross our fingers for that, as it might be one of the last big swells of the winter season.

我们从下星期三到星期五等3.7米高的浪, 可能是冬天最后的高浪。

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