My Time At Home

As you all know,that I have gone back to my hometown Xi’an for a month to study. It was a little bit boring without surfing ,but I still had some fun with my family. Here are some pictures of what i did in Xi’an.大家都知道假期我回西安老家呆了一个月了准英文考。虽然生活中缺少了冲浪是比无聊的。但是于我这样疯狂的人老是能找到好玩 的做吧。而且我和家人的了一段美光。下面是我在西安拍的照片来看看吧。

Mom drove me around on the suburb of Xi’an.Is Xi’an one of the most polluted city in China? well,you can’t see that from this photo tho.车带我在西安城郊的山里穿行西安真的是中国染最重的城市之一么至少你从这张照片中看不到吧

My uncle’s family and I went to a small lake in the mountain area,where you could actually jump into the water.It was about 8 ft high. super fun!


Me and my little cousin were trying to catch some fish in water我和弟弟在试图

This is my cousin!He is kinda strange. It was a rainy day,and the thunder was howling,he told me that the devil was about to come,that’s why he made himself like this ,in case to protect me and the family.what can I say?是我的表弟有点奇怪得那天下大雨雷声震耳欲他告我魔鬼要来了所以他把自己打扮成就是了保我和家人。我无

OK,back to fashion! It was the only party I have been to. My friend HOWIE LEE,probably the best ELECTRO artist in China came to Xi’an to play in a big night club’s VIP room.I got invited and went there with my uncle.(my uncle had no idea what we were doing there.He thought that we were all freak!) anyway, it was super nice to have some fashion ELECTRO sound in the music backwards city Xi’an!好了回到是我在西安唯一去的派我的好友中国最好的音音HOWIE LEE来西安在一个大的俱VIPDJ我被邀并在姑父的陪同下去了现场姑父无法理解我们这些人认为都是如何在西安 个音乐较地区能听到尚的音是件好事