Moyu’s Blog 漠雨的博客 New way to go surfing in Hainan

I have tons of photos that we took in Xi’an,could be some good stories too.But I just don’t have that much time to write.Lazy me! Yesterday, me and “Cake” took the bullet train to haikou. We found, it could be the new way to go surfing in Hainan eastcoast in future.

From Sanya to Haikou,it only takes about 1 hour 30 mins.On the way,between the station of Ling Shui and Bo ao,you could see about 5 beaches where the waves are breaking .Drop off from wan ning station,it takes about 10 mins to reach the nearest wave breaking beach. Oh, the ticket from sanya to haikou is 88 rmb.

昨天我们乘坐高铁去海口办事,路上发现了多个可以冲浪的沙滩很是兴奋。 从三亚到海口88元,一小时30分钟车程。在陵水和博鳌直接的一段你会看见大约5个可以冲浪的沙滩,如果你从万宁车站下车,10分钟搭乘交通工具就可以到达可以冲浪的最近沙滩,以后冲浪会变的很方便!

On the way to haikou,we found this beach(behind the left montain is ri yue wan beach) There are waves breaking!


It looks like Euro star train



I’ve never thought that Haikou can be pretty cool. Here are many old Portuguese buildings reminds the history of Portuguese consession.


Little Cali style.有点加州的感觉

On the back ,we found this beach near Wan ning station. Sick waves were breaking! 回来的路上,我们看到了这个沙滩,好漂亮的浪啊!

Btw,if you buy the first class ticket(about 100 rmb to haikou ) you can have a big empty space where you can put about 5 shortboards. pretty cool!如果你买头等座位票,你会得到一个很大个空间,那里完全可以让你放进5块冲浪板!