Steve’s Blog – November 29, 2010 11月29日

Hi everyone, I’m back from the dead with a fresh new blog entry.  We’ve had a great deal of excitement since my last blog entry, most notably in the form of the 2010 Surfing Hainan Open, which you can check out at for pictures, videos, and results.  October brought a surge of customers and luckily this coincided with the last swells of the season for Dadonghai.  Since about mid-October Dadonghai has been completely flat, so I’ve been keeping fit on by taking an SUP out for a daily paddle whenever I’m not surfing.  We’ve been going to Riyuewan on Hainan’s east coast lately as it provides the consistent and quality waves during the Winter season.  Here are some pictures from a recent SUP expedition with the coworkers and Dan Dan, who recently ran away but was happily reunited with his owner a few days later.



Dan Dan the runaway dog. 蛋蛋这条迷失的狗。



Pictured here from right: Dan Dan, me, Tobey.  We have a new SUP board that Dan Dan and I are sitting on.  Rides very fast and smooth.

从右起是:蛋蛋,我 和 李鹏。在照片里我跟蛋蛋站在冲浪海南的新浆板上。 这个板滑得又快又稳。



Julieta hauling Dan Dan on a considerably smaller SUP.  朱丽叶抱着蛋蛋在一个比较小的将板上。


It wasn’t until about two years ago that I started noticing SUPs in the lineup at my local beach in California.  I was skeptical that paddling such enormous boards could be fun until I had the opportunity to try one for myself here in Sanya.  I took an SUP out during a random swell that lasted just one day a couple weeks ago and I was surprised by the rush I got from paddling onto knee-high waves.  You can feel the inertia of riding such a massive board, especially when you hit a turn down the wave.  Besides that, paddling an SUP every day is excellent for maintaing surf fitness.  I see SUP as a viable cross-training substitute for any number of sports that require core strength– most sports worth playing, in other words.  I found a useful website that discusses all things SUP that’s worth a visit for anyone interested:

Aside from SUP, we had a good Halloween at the Dolphin Bar, where I won a prize for best tradtional costume due to the lack of original costumes at the party. Halloween isn’t a big even in China.  Still, I did spend some time making this head dress from construction paper and staples.



Chief sharing candy with Pale Face.  印第安人把糖果给白脸鬼。



Trill.  Who are these freaks? 这些怪物是谁?