October 2010 Shot Summary – 2010 年十月的照片集

November 29th – 11 29

Due to the many pressure systems happening around the area October was a busy month. Starting with a crowded and rainy national holiday week  Hainan celebrate 61 years of the PRC with huge Typhoon waves followed by a consistent swell for the whole month.

Unfortunately these storms brought so much rain and many rural areas got flooded. and damaged by mud slides from the mountains.

On the way to Houhai after the rainy days

Giving a lesson on crowded Dadonghai during the National Holiday

The east coast worked consistently everyday so we leaved Dadonghai and had many surf trips to the beautiful Riyuewan, my favourite spot of the Island until now.

My first lesson in Riyuewan

October swell at Riyuewan was pretty big, some days got to double over head. Here you have some of our surf session pics at the point break:

This was my first session at Riyuewan, it was a bit big for my standards. But wasn’t the biggest day of the month at all.

My first wave at Riyuewan

Ah Wang, local Riyuewan surfer becoming a pretty good longboarder

Dahai on a big set

Tie Zhuang going for a cut back

Two boards broke that day

We also had some sunny mellow sessions:

Steve and me fighting for the right of the double dragon!!!

And we finish the month with a great Halloween party!!!

Gina the parrot, Steven the Indian, Me the weirdo and Frankenstein Moyu

And that is my boss