Old Days In SH

Happy New Year !Now it’s 2011.Let’s start a new page in our life.

In past two years,I had so much fun at Surfing Hainan shop.People come and go,but stay the happiness,and Surfing Hainan is truely a family for all of us!

Pics of my life at Surfing Hainan.

summer day,use long skateboard to buy some beers.2009 summer

2008 winter,as a beginner I could only surf white water ,but it was the first step to surf a shortboard.

Me and my first surfboard.Crappy 6’6.It died with its head stick into sand and broke the nose,now it is in my friend’s photography studio .2009 summer.

First time enjoy riding on the wave.2009 summer.

Pumping speed on wave in spring 2010.

First time floater,june 2010.


Me and my college mates went surfing in houhai ,2009.  😛