Qiu Zhou, Surfer Kid

In the years that Surfing Hainan has been here, we’ve see a lot of progress with getting more and more Chinese in to surfing. One of the discouraging things has been the lack of children getting in to the sport. Perhaps it is because parents think it is too dangerous, or too much of a distraction from their studies. The youngest surfer we’ve had in our crew previously has been A Feng, the 17-year-old local kid. But now I’m proud to show some pictures of the youngest Chinese surfer to date, seven-year-old Qiu Zhou, originally from Chengdu. I’ve known his dad, Qiu Ge, for about four years now, and am happy to see Qiu Ge really encouraging his son to do more and more surfing. Here are some shots of Qiu Zhou this afternoon out in Dadonghai.


Seven-year-old Qiu Zhou from Chengdu, down in Sanya for the summer. Surfing Pablo’s old Surfing Hainan board


A goofy footer just like his dad


Qiu Zhou in his lotus pose


Proud father Qiu Ge at the beach with Gourou, watching as his son gets wave after wave