Julieta’ Blog – Riyuewan – More Than a Surf Spot

December 5th,  2010 – 2010 年12月5日

Going to Riyuewan for the day is not just about surfing, you get to scape from the chaotic city and crowded resort beaches, get a little taste of the slow passe of Hainan countryside and help the local communities with their small businesses.

On the way I took some nice pictures from the van , have a look:

And this is the spot:

Ah Feng, Brendan and one of our students looking at the beach break.

Christophe walking back to Mamma’s.

A lot of lazy animals relaxing around.

Steve going for a surf at the point

Those at the back of the fisherman are some statues representing Taiwanese ocean gods

Some pictures of us hanging out at Mamma’s restaurant.

Chilling out at Mamma’s

Brendan’s dilemma: “Should I go for a surf or should I drink one more beer?”

Building a new bamboo roof for Mamma’s restaurant.

Photos by Julieta Hepner