September 12, 2010

Good surf yesterday evening.  There were waist high waves rolling in, and a number of surfers out catching some waves before dinner, including Dan Dan, a black labrador.  Dan Dan’s owner Da Hai paddles while Dan Dan sits on the nose of the longboard and looks cool for the spectators on the shore.  I’ll be sure to get some pictures of Dan Dan catching waves for an upcoming post.  Today there’s been nonstop rain and the waves are ankle high… it’s looking like a good day to play Monopoly.  I get to use the shoe, no one can see me in Monopoly when I have the shoe.

PM Update: Some tiny longboard waves today, perfect for dog surfing.  As promised, here are some pictures of Dan Dan the surfing Labrador.


Dan Dan sets up for a wave.


A stylish surfer.


Dan Dan, you’re a beast!


Safety first.


Here’s my muse.  This is Gou Rou, Matt and Darci’s beautiful Dachshund.



The Doggie Diner sign across the street from the SF zoo.  No wonder Gou Rou reminds me of San Francisco.