September 19, 2010

We’re in the midst of a wave drought but Monday or Tuesday should bring a solid swell that will last until the weekend, so fingers crossed that there will be plenty of good surf to document next week.

Last night we celebrated a friend’s birthday at a club in downtown Sanya.  The club entrance has a VIP table on one side with two ladies clad in silk dresses, and a metal detector on the other side that all guests pass through on their way into the club.  Behind the metal detector stands a security guard dressed in a bulletproof vest and a 1918 issue battle helmet.  He must a hired mercenary there to protect club goers from beefing gangsters.  The club operates on somewhat of a caste system.  There are maybe two dozen people who buzz around delivering drinks, wiping tables, sweeping detritus off the floor, opening toilet stall doors for guests, and scrubbing urinals.  The upper echelons of the staff are the entertainment: the djs, the hired dancers, the greeters, and the karaoke singers.  Every so often the lights in the club would go dark and a spotlight would shine on an emaciated waif of a singer doing Prince songs and wearing not one but two enormous diamond studded crosses that bling blinged in the light.  Chinese clubs offer one more great amenity: they give guests bowls of fruit to snack on while they play dice and socialize with friends.