September 2010 Shots Summary – 2010 年九月的照片集

September 27th – 9 27


September is getting to its end and although it usually isn’t a great month for waves this year wasn’t that bad as we had two pretty nice swells, some paddleboarding and a lot of parties.

漠雨在三个好玩儿的晚会上玩音乐。 看看这些照片:

Moyu had played in three parties this month, here you have some pics of them:

Surf Party right outside the shop! – 冲浪的派对就是在我们商店的外面。

Surfing Hainan Team dress up for Darci’s birthday – 冲浪海南团队在刘丹生日晚会.

Mid Autumn Festival Dinner at Justin’s Hostel! It was so nice to be all together – 中秋季宴会在Tianle 的青年旅馆。大家一起很好玩儿!


As you might know already, Steven joined Surfing Hainan at the start of this month. We didn’t have any waves so we decided to paddleboarding around the bay:

On his first day we went until the next bay Xiaodonghai, It is a very beautiful paddle.

We also went to the broken bridge for a jump –我们也去破坏了的桥上跳水。



Sorry, this time I don’t have any surf pictures, we all were too busy enjoying the waves while they were there.

Last Wednesday a Typhoon from Taiwan brought us clean overhead waves in the afternoon. It wasn’t easy to paddle out but ones I got there it was totally surreal; the grey sky and the rain dropping onto the smooth swell while thunders fell on the horizon…It was unreal, it looked like a dessert made of water dunnes, I felt so small in this huge world but at the same time so alive. I might sound like a cheese hippie but well… this is one of the reasons I love surfing.