September 25, 2010

September has been doldrums for most of the month.  We were expecting a large midweek swell this past week which did come to fruition, if only for several hours.  Wednesday’s morning surf was big and sloppy but the afternoon brought clean waves, some of which were complete bombs.  By the time the surf got good the weather turned bad, with heavy rain, thunder and lightning.



Go, team!

While I was eating breakfast outside of the shop today I noticed something crawling up the branch of a shrub next to the shop.  When I went over to looks I found this.


He blends right in.

My neighbor Tie Zhuang taught me the chameleon’s Chinese name, 变色龙,  which literally means color-changing dragon.  In other news, the 22nd was the Mid-Autumn Festival, which means moon cakes.  Moon cakes are a traditional delicacy served during the Mid-Autumn festival.  They’re small cakes with a crusty layer, usually filled with sweet lotus paste or bean paste.  As the only fan of moon cakes in the shop, I’ve finished a family size box of moon cakes to over the last week.  That is all.