Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons 立式桨板课程

Learn the great sport of riding a Stand Up Paddleboard with Surfing Hainan. When there aren’t any waves, SUPs are the next best thing. The rider stands on the board the entire time, and uses a two-meter long pad- dle to navigate over the water. It is excellent excersice, combining endurance and strengthening of core muscles. Surfing Hainan shows you the basics and helps you get the hang of this relatively easy sport. Then we head off to the headland at Riyue Bay, where we paddle over coral reefs and check out the headlands. Three hour lesson for 400 CNY per person.

跟冲浪海南学习很棒的运动站立式浆板划水。当没有任何浪的时 候,SUP(站立浆板)是另一个最好的选择,整个过程站在浆 板上,用浆在水里划水推动自己前行。是一项极好的健身运动方 式,结合核心肌肉和耐力的加强,我们会教你基本要领帮你找到 窍门,然后我们一起划水到日月湾另一头去,我们划水去的地 方到处都是珊瑚礁时。整个划水行程是两个小时,400元一人。