Steven’s Blog – Rubble Guerrilla Garden

This is a vegetable garden near my house in Luhuitou planted in the ruins of a demolished house. Rubble piles and soon to be demolished buildings are a common sight all over Sanya. Buildings slated for demolition are marked for death with a large (chai) character spray painted on their exteriors. In many cases the rubble simply sits on the site for months before it’s cleared for redevelopment. Whoever’s farming this little plot has some nice vegetables coming up… onions, tomatoes, and a papaya tree in the background that definitely preexisted the garden plot.


Guerrilla garden’s sea of green.


The rubble garden.


Green onions?




Chicken hunting for styrofoam.


More rubble.


In my neighborhood it’s common to see people raising vegetables and chickens for food.  I can’t help but wonder if the building is leaching toxins into the soil.   Also, it seems that a favorite snack of the chickens in my area is styrofoam.  I wonder if the chicken’s meat poses a health risk for the people who eat them.  It’s hard to grow vegetables in an urban setting without having to worry about exposure to street runoff or existing soil quality.  Of course, the upside is that this person has reduced her carbon footprint and found use for an unproductive piece of land.