Steve’s Blog – April Recap

This is going to be a disjointed blog of a few details from the month so far.  April has been a transitional month.  We’ve had the first waves from the south in over five months but it looks to be a few more weeks before we start seeing consistent surf in Dadonghai.  In the last few days the rain has started to come down in sudden downpours that last anywhere from five minutes to an hour.  The weather and water is heating up and we can now surf comfortably in Riyuewan without a suit or a neoprene rashguard.  Last night I was biking home in the middle of a downpour and when the headlights of cars passed me I could see steam rising off the asphalt.

Last week I was out on a night paddle and making my way back the shop.  I was blanking out staring at the reflection of Dadonghai’s neon swirling in the ocean water when a winged insect landed on my arm.  It was about the length of a fingernail and it had a double set of wings.  I brushed it off and kept going.  When I got back to the shop and set the board and paddle down I saw that there were swarms of them flying in the night air.  They flew to our shops flourescent lights by the dozen.  These insects were the same as the one that hit me out on the water but about twice the size.  Within a few minutes most of the insects began to lose steam and alight on the ground, waiting to get picked off by the gecko lurking behind the water tank.  They were all dead by the end of the night.  By the next day there was no trace of them because they were all eaten by bigger night creatures.

Oh yeah, Alien Dog (see September 2010) has puppies now.  Alien Dog knows how to care for her litter.  The puppies are staying dry under an abandoned bus and getting huge.

The wind has turned onshore this month but I still picked off a few waves at Riyuewan.  Thanks to Quinn for this pic.

A snake on the road found on the way to Dadonghai.  Really nice patterning on this one, not sure what it is.

The first waves of the season in Dadonghai!

Shop gecko taking down unidentified winged insects.

This local guy just a Koi fish on each arm…

…and this mermaid tat. 

Underneath this abadnoned bus there’s a something cool…

…why, it’s Alien Dog and her new litter!

This one’s name is Ah-Fat.


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